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ibabydust.com is a community website for trying-to-conceive couples. Created by MDs & Ob/Gyns, iBabydust is designed to answer questions about becoming pregnant and help you predict your most fertile time of the month!

Ovulation Calendar
Trying to become pregnant? Try our ovulation calendar!

  • Predict Your Most Fertile Time for Conceiving!
  • Learn How to Influence the Gender of Your Baby!

Designed by an Ob/Gyn to predict your most fertile time - with personalized feedback on when to use OPKs, when to time intercourse, and even how to try for a boy or a girl! Click here to use our Ovulation Calendar.


'Ask the Doctor!'
Have Questions About Preconception and Fertility?

'Ask the Doctor' is an interactive question and answer utility - written by practicing fertility experts, MDs, and Ob/Gyns! Click here to 'Ask the Doctor!' about everything from preconception health and infertility to fertility charting and the Top 20 most frequently asked TTC Questions!


Message Boards for the Trying-to-Conceive Community

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Message boards on a variety of topics, with input from doctors and fertility experts. Chat with other trying-to-conceive women and couples about their experiences - from BBT charting to infertility support and favorite TTC products. Click here to join!